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Team Lenewt

Nathanaël Landais

Founder and Embedded system architect

Nathanael is the leader and founder of Lenewt.
He discovered Linux in 2009, with Ubuntu 9.04. Since then, he has continuously trained himself on the system, which he now deeply masters. Coming from an engineering background, he started his career as a developer in the field of business intelligence.
In 2018, he took the turn to apply his Linux expertise to the embedded domain. It was in 2019 that he founded Lenewt with the objective of democratizing access to embedded Linux and the world of open-source.

Some of his contributions include:

  • Utilizing the Yocto Project for numerous client projects
  • Developing a custom Linux distribution for the business cases of a large industrial client
  • Using, configuring, and securing the U-Boot bootloader
  • Developing a flexible tool for application and firmware packaging for specific client needs
  • Experimentally integrating Flutter on a Yocto embedded system during the early stages of the technology in embedded systems
  • Designing numerous embedded applications based on Qt
  • Fixing anomalies in the Qt framework

Oscar Deschamps

Embedded system engineer

Oscar discovered Linux during his engineering studies at Epitech. His training focused on the low-level functioning of the Linux system, which led him to develop a shell and reimplement complex low-level tools such as ftrace. In 2023, Oscar joined Lenewt as an embedded systems engineer. He has already made significant contributions to Lenewt's mission through his contributions:

  • Securing the boot process of a Yocto-based Linux system, implementing a chain of trust from U-Boot to the loading of the Linux file system
  • Developing the Qt application for a vending machine
  • Integrating and optimizing Bluetooth BLE and Wi-Fi functionality on a Linux application layer and a Linux system layer
  • Porting a Yocto Project-based Linux configuration to a Debian-based system

Julia Landais

Administrative and Financial Officer

With a master's degree in law obtained in Japan, Julia masterfully orchestrates daily operations, from financial management to regulatory compliance, ensuring that our team of engineers can focus on what they do best: innovate. Her approach, both methodical and creative, contributes to creating a harmonious and efficient work environment.

Nicolas Paviet-Salomon

HMI Developer

Coming from a degree in digital systems, Nicolas embarked on a two-year apprenticeship in application development at Lenewt in 2021. Although Nicolas has since become a contractor, he remains a regular Lenewt contributor.

A somewhat perfectionist individual, he is committed to creating intuitive and scalable user interfaces. Among his contributions, notable ones include:

  • The most visible externally, developing Lenewt's website and its blog
  • Integration and maintening over time smooth user interfaces on high-end automatic coffee machines
  • Optimizing the user experience on smartwatch screens, along with integrating and improving its UI